UTAH  Non-Resident CCW Permit 


Requirements -  Valid State License to Carry (MA LTC)


  • UTAH Firearms Code Ann. 76-10-500 (2)
  • Current Utah Law on Firearms
  • Common Reasons for Obtaining a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit 
  • Concealed Fireams Permit Application
  • Course includes Fingerprinting on Site and License Photo(s)
  • Reciprocity and Recongnition
  • Permit issues within 60 days from date of application receipt
  • Firearm Safety
  • Course includes entire course of Instruction (Printed / Disk  or Thumb Drive)
  • Hangun Safey Rules
  • Hangun and Ammunition Training
  • Six Fundaments of Shooting Handguns
  • State and Federal Codes, BCI Administrative Policy
  • Students Invited to Participate in On-Line CFP Instuction Questionaire
  • FOUR (4) Hour Classroom instruction
  • Actual Fireams Usage Classroom Laser Range (No LIVE-FIRE Range Time Required)

​​* Non-Comingled Course - CFTC Does not instruct multiple state courses in one class - Tough enough to learn the law of one jurisdiction - Confusion of the State Laws is no help to the Student.

  • FEE for Instruction Including Photo and Fingerprint Card  $125.00