​​​​​​ Mass  LTC /  FID Firearm Safety Course Classroom Instruction  (For More Info Click Here

Required Course for a Massachusetts License to Carry or for a Massachusetts Firearms Identification Card

Required Course for all Massachusetts Residents and Non-Residents.  This course meets all the MA requirements

to obtain your certificate to apply for an LTC /FID card.  Minimum age for this course is 17 years of age and LTC 

certificates will issue to those 21 and older.  The certificates are good for 10 years and the FID can be converted

​to an LTC once you reach 21.  Class materials include a published textbook on the Massachusetts Basic Pistol Firearms Course.


Time Required  4 Hours​    =  COST OF THE CLASS - $100.00

CLASSICAL APPROACH for LTC or FID Firearms Safety Course Instruction (For More Info Click Here)

This meets all MA required course material to obtain you LTC or FID and it also covers the entire history of Firearm's Laws beginning in 1671 to present including MA Gen Law Ch 140, the U.S. Constitution with special attention to the 2nd, 9th and 10th Amendments,  MA Declaration of Rights, U. S. Supreme court cases regarding the 2nd Amendment and handouts of relevent articles on firearms posession and use.

No Range Time Required, but the classroom experience of 4+ hours is worth the time. Complete published textbook and Power Point CD included.​  COST OF THE CLASS - $150.00

FLORIDA NON-RESIDENT CCW Course  (For More Info Click on this Link)

Required Course for a FLORDIA CCW Florida Statute Chapter 790 

License to Carry a Concealed Weapon and Firearms License
Comprehensive text and lecture on "stand your ground law" Prohibition on "Open Carry"
Sale, delivery and purchase of firearms while in Florida
Florida waiting period for purchase of handguns
OUI or DWI laws affecting CCW or Firearms License
Safe Storage of Firearms Legality of Employers, Vendors, Resaurants or Parking Lot attendants

denying access while carrying a Concealed Weapon
Transportation of Firearms Storage of Firearms in a motor vehicle

No Cost Fingerprinting on Site (FBI Fingerpring Expert)

​No Range Time Required

Classroom Time 4 Hours  = COST OF THE CLASS $125.00

NRA Basic Pistol Firearms Course   (For More Info Click on this Link)

NRA Course designed to develop Knowledge, Skills and Attatude 

Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling
Ammunition Knowledge and Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
Shooting Positinos and Shooting qualification
Scoring Targets and Slecting and Maintaining Your Pistol
Valadate comprehension and application of gun safety rules 
Range protocol Proper handling, loading and unloding procedures 

NRA Basic Firearms Certificaiton is recognized by all US jurisdictions, including RI

This Course satisfies the RI Conceled Carry Licence application requirements 

Classroom time is estimated at 6 Hours.

Requires Range Time / Range time requires minimum qualification with a handgun

Total Classroom and Range Time 8 Hours​  =  COST OF THE CLASS - $175.00

Refuse To Be A Victim Course  (For More Infor Click this Link)

NRA Certified secuity course.  THESE CLASSES DO NOT INCLUDE

THE USE OF A FIREARM, but does include instruction in the use of mace / pepper spray.

​​​Studens are provided NRA materials and a certificate upon successful completion.

Mace or pepper spray will be provided to students over the age of 17 free of charge
Cassroom Time 4 Hours =  COST OF THE CLASS $95.00

Range Safety Officer Course    (For more Info Click this Link)

Introduction to the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course
The Role of the NRA Range Safety Officer and Range Standard Operating Procedures
Range Inspection and Range Rules
Range Safety Briefing
Emergency Procedures 
Firearms Stoppages and Malfunctions

Classroom Time 6 Hours - = COST OF THE CLASS $ 150.00



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We have established a new Training Facility -  We are teaching the MA LTC / FID Course, including the  expanded CLASSICAL Approach to the MA LTC / FID, as well as NRA Basic Firearms Courses - including Pistol and Rifle Certifications.  We still offer the Range Safety Officer Course, Refuse to be a Victim Program and the Florida Non-Resident CCW Course, Since 2013.